How do I Recover Deleted Files on Windows and Mac?

  • How do i recover deleted files that are deleted from FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, HFSX and HFS+ formatted partitions can be resolved with this tool
  • Get back files deleted by using "Shift + Delete" key combination or by using command prompt
  • Efficient tool in obtaining back files that were deleted with the intention to free hard disk space
  • Easily can know how do i recover deleted files on Windows and Mac computers

How do i recover deleted files from my storage drive? Is this question bothering you? Are you looking to get a solution on how to restore deleted files back? All the data on the computer system is stored in the form of files. To manage the storage of these files on the computer various file systems are used by operating system. These file systems plays an important role in the availability of files for accessing. When a file is deleted from the system due to any of the reasons, file system marks the memory space allocated to that file as empty for getting overwritten by other new files. Whereas, these deleted files are still present on the physical memory and if you want to get back these deleted files, you can take use of deleted file recovery tool that perfectly answers to your question how do i recover deleted files. This utility enables you to bring back deleted files before they get overwritten by some other files. Before moving ahead towards the file recovery process, let’ take a look on common data loss scenarios which results in file deletion.

How do I recover deleted files in the below mentioned cases?

Deletions due to human mistakes: There are several times that files get deleted due to human mistakes. One of such example is deleting files from a partition by accidentally formatting it. Other such example is deleting files from command prompt thinking that they are unimportant but after deleting them you find out that these deleted files were important ones. If you lost your important file due to your own mistake and worried about how do I recover deleted files, then leave all your tension aside and go for deleted file recovery tool.

Files deleted by antivirus program: Sometimes when the antivirus tool scans the system, it deletes the files which are found infected by virus / malware attack during the scanning. If you are thinking about how to restore deleted files just use our deleted file recovery application. This application solves all your queries on how do I recover deleted files from hard drive after deletion using antivirus scanning software.

Deletion due to Recycle Bin bypass: There are chances that the file you delete is bigger in size than the empty space in Recycle Bin folder. In such cases, the files are not saved in Recycle Bin folder due to insufficient empty space & are bypassed from it. If you are looking to gain more knowledge on how do I recover deleted files from Recycle Bin, visit

Deletion due to third party applications: Files may also get delete by the action of third party applications like a disk error checker application. While searching for errors on the system hard disk if some of the files are found to be generating errors then they get deleted by the disk error checker application. Refer the links given on this page to recollect more information about how do i recover deleted files using deleted file recovery tool.

Emptying Recycle Bin: This is another common reason for file deletion. Almost 80% of the computer prefers to empty the Recycle Bin in order to free up storage space. Most of the time they directly emptied the Recycle Bin without checking out its files and later on regret for their mistake. At this instance, they need help of deleted file recovery software to recover file from emptied Recycle Bin. So, if you are the one who stuck in similar situation then no need to think much about how do I recover deleted files from Recycle Bin which I already cleared, just download this effective file recovery tool.

This tool with the following features provides you an easy tip how do i recover deleted files:

This tool helps you to bring back deleted files in all of the above cases. How do I recover deleted files? how to restore deleted files? how do i get back deleted files? If these questions are bothering you then just make use of this application. You can use this tool to undelete files on systems installed with Windows operating systems. Various supported Windows OS are as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, etc. If you are a Mac user then for you Mac version of this tool is also available to get back deleted files on Mac systems. This tool will facilitate you to obtain back deleted files by using "Command + Shift + Delete" option or by using "Empty the Trash" option. Thus, one can rely on this deleted file recovery tool to resolve any query on how do I recover deleted files back from computer hard drive after deletion or loss.

You can obtain back deleted files from various types of hard disk like SATA, SCSI, IDE etc. Along with the facility to regain deleted files from system hard disk, you can also use this tool in bringing deleted files from external devices like memory cards including SD-cards & XD-cards, FireWire Drives, USB external drives, etc. You can browse here if you want to know more about how do I recover deleted files from USB external drives by using this powerful utility.

Some precautionary measures:

  • Before formatting a partition or external device, ensure that it has no important files or else you'll be thinking how do I recover deleted files
  • Keep updated backup copies of important files at multiple locations like on other partition & on external devices like storing a backup copy on pen drive
  • Use strong power source, it will help you to avoid sudden system termination problem
  • Stop adding new files on your storage drive immediately after encountering data loss
  • Don’t save recovered files on the same drive, as it may results in overwriting of existing files

If you follow the essential precautionary measures, then you will not search solutions for how do I recover deleted files, is it possible to undelete files, etc. However, in any circumstance you come across the situation wherein you have ended with deletion of vital files, then simply download and install deleted file recovery tool. Free trial version of this application is also available. You can try the trial version and find out the possibility of file recovery before buying the full version.

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Wanna know how do i recover deleted files follow the below given procedure:

Step-1: Download & install the file bringing back software on your sytem.When you run the software, from the appeared main screen select the given "Recover Files" option.

How Do I Recover Deleted Files - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step-2: From the next screen, select "Recover Deleted Files" option to undelete files from the system.

How Do I Recover Deleted Files - Recover Files

Figure 2: Recover Files

Step-3: Select the logical drive from where you want to undelete your files & click "Next" option to start scanning for deleted files.

How Do I Recover Deleted Files - Select Logical Drive

Figure 3: Select Logical Drive

Step-4: After the scanning completes, a window with the list of obtained files appears. You can select "Preview" option that will provide you preview of the obtained files. If you want to save these files then select "Save Recovery Sesion" option & save the current recovery session then purchase the activation key & activate the software.

How Do I Recover Deleted Files - File Preview

Figure 4: File Preview

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